Philadelphia has a pediatric asthma rate 3x the national average

Mother giving child inhaler as he has an asthma attack.

As the Air Quality Index for Philadelphia reached Code Maroon (hazardous to all populations) on June 8th, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a story on pediatric asthma rates in the city and disparities that exist in populations.

According to the Inquirer:

“Philadelphia has a pediatric asthma rate that is roughly three times that of the national average”.

“Overall, Black children 19 and younger are hospitalized due to asthma at a rate 5X that of white counterparts”

The story also featured Dr. Tyra Bryant-Stephens, Center member, and director the Philadelphia Community Asthma Prevention Program.  She said, “The top priority for preventing asthma is having healthy housing and healthy schools so kids aren’t chronically exposed to allergens and irritants.”

Read the full story on the Inquirer (Potential Paywall)

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