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Environmental health is a field that is changing rapidly and often requires clinicians to know about, and make referrals, outside of clinical medicine. We collected the resources on this page to assist healthcare providers in identifying environmental health resources to help with their work.

These resources, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, are targeted to clinicians caring for pregnant people and children. They include tools to provide medical care for environmental health issues, prevent exposure to contaminants and help families navigate the community resources that they may need to protect their children.

Mother giving a child an inhaler.
PRCCEH Program

Chester Community Asthma Prevention Program

The CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in Chester, PA.

Tired child being observed by two doctors.
PRCCEH Program

Regional Consultations on Environmental Health

Consultations for clinicians caring for patients with lead poisoning and environmental health issues

Woman standing To address group meeting in community center
PRCCEH Program

Community Children’s Environmental Health Program

Mentoring and training for new and emerging children’s environmental health researchers.

Doctor using stethoscope while mother holds child.
PRCCEH Program

Prescriptions for Prevention Program

This program screens patients for environmental risks and automatically provides them and their healthcare providers with printed counseling materials.

Baby and mother meeting doctor.
External Resource

Philadelphia Community Asthma Prevention Program

The Philly CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in the city of Philadelphia.

Doctor with stethoscope observing baby with mother nearby.
External Resource

Philadelphia Lead and Healthy Homes Program

If your child’s blood lead level is at or above 3.5 µg/dL, LHHP will send out a licensed lead inspector to test your home for lead and a health educator.

Mother feeding with spoon her little baby at home.
External Resource

Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit (PEHT)

This toolkit is for clinicians to be able to provide simple, evidenced-based steps to families on how to reduce toxic exposures in their daily lives.

City rowhomes.
External Resource

Delaware County: Get the Lead Out of your Home

Children First created several resources with information on free programs operating in Delaware County that will help families get the lead out of their homes and apartments.

Vial with blood sitting on research paperwork.
External Resource

Free Blood Lead Testing for Philadelphia Children

Your child should be tested for lead at their 1 and 2 year old well child visit. Older children should be tested if you are concerned about a lead exposure.

Researchers in lab
External Resource

Guidance on PFAS Exposure, Testing and Clinical Follow Up

View the NASEM’s most recent guidance on clinical evaluation and testing for PFAS exposure.

External Resource

Brochure on Beating the Heat in Philadelphia

This brochure includes information on signs of heat related illness and ways to stay cool in Philadelphia.

Free Lead Hazard Control Program 2
External Resource

Free Lead Remediation Program for Delaware County

The Lead Hazard Control Program is designed to remove lead-based paint hazards from the homes of low-income families with children under the age of 6.

Child using inhaler after playing tennis.
External Resource

Back to School Checklist for Families of Children with Asthma

A comprehensive list on managing your child’s asthma in the school setting.

Lead-Free Promise Project logo
External Resource

Toolkit for Parents of Children Who Test Positive for Lead

Find county specific resources in PA on steps to take if you have a child who tests positive for lead.

External Resource

EPA’s Climate Change and Children’s Health 2023 Report

Children are uniquely vulnerable to climate change and its impacts on health. Read this report to find out more on the topic.

Pregnant woman looking at label of baby food in a grocery store aisle.
External Resource

Lead-contaminated Foods and Patient Screening: Podcast

Listen to episode 189 of the American Academy of Pediatrics podcast as Kevin Osterhoudt, MD, MS, FAAP, explains how heavy metals like lead get into foods and why it’s important to screen.

External Resource

Report Mold Growth in Philadelphia

If you are a tenant and see mold growth in your home, you can report this to the city by calling 311.

External Resource

City of Lancaster’s Free Lead Hazard Control Program

Lead Remediation targeted to low- to moderate-income households in four census tracts south of King Street.

Pregnant woman looking at label of baby food in a grocery store aisle.
External Resource

How Toxic Chemicals Impact Health

Fact sheet on how toxic chemicals can impact you and your family’s health.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
External Resource

How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

Cleaning supply bottles and the ingredients needed to do-it-yourself cleaning fluid.
External Resource

Design for the Environment Disinfectant Label

The Design for the Environment (DfE) label helps consumers and purchasers find safer antimicrobial products, like disinfectants and cleaners.

Mother playing with child in a living room.
External Resource

How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Health Video

Video to see how indoor air quality impacts health and view recommendations on maintaining good air quality at home.

External Resource

Pennsylvania Health Action Network

In need of health insurance for you or your child? PHAN’s free helpline provides assistance in understanding, applying for and enrolling in health coverage.

Cigarette and smoke.
External Resource

Quit Smoking

For free counseling on quitting smoking and/or medication to help quit, call 1-800- QUITNOW or visit this website.

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