There is no such thing as PFAS-free synthetic turf

Dr. Aimin Chen

PRCCEH co-director, Aimin Chen, PhD, MD, was interviewed by the Grid, Greater Philadelphia’s only free sustainable monthly magazine.  The article titled, “There is no such thing as PFAS-free synthetic turf. The City is installing it anyway”, discusses the use of synthetic turf in the city’s future play fields, particularly in South Philly.

“Recently, there was discussion about PFAS as a carcinogen, and also a lot of research showing that PFAS could relate to high cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease, and also association with impaired fetal development,” says Dr. Chen, professor of epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. “There are other [studied outcomes] like preeclampsia during pregnancy and potential associations with [chronic] liver disease.”

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