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Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of children across the country, starting in our own backyard.

Extreme heat is an asthma trigger

Discover other asthma triggers that might be affecting your child.

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We're dedicated to developing effective strategies to bring children’s environmental health research to the community, academia and healthcare.  Founded in 2021, the Center is an NIEHS-funded program of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It is one of six Collaborative Centers in Children's Environmental Health Research and Translation.

Our partners and member researchers work to implement real world solutions and interventions in Philadelphia to serve as a model for success elsewhere.  

Working to improve children’s health by reducing environmental exposures across the Philadelphia region

Air Pollution

Air pollution includes particles, dust and chemicals. Get informed on the common pollution types in our area and the techniques and tips to reduce your child’s exposure.


Asthma is treatable and the symptoms can be minimized, but only through medical intervention and by reducing asthma triggers. We aim to help you navigate this challenging disease and share resources to help your child.

Climate Change

Climate change affects the health of children in our region through worsening air pollution, flooding and excessive heat. Learn how you can mitigate and adapt to these challenges.


Most leaded products are banned, but our children are still exposed from lead used in years past. Learn about sources of lead in our region and programs to help children avoid exposure.

Toxic Chemicals (EDCs)

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are commonly found in many household and personal care products. Discover tips for reducing your child’s exposure.

Featured Programs

Mother giving a child an inhaler.
PRCCEH Program

Chester Community Asthma Prevention Program

The CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in Chester, PA.

PRCCEH Program

Hazard Assessments for Asbestos in Schools

Assessments of schools for asbestos hazards, health risks and education.

PRCCEH Program

Academy for Environmental Exposure Reduction

High school short-course on endocrine disrupting chemicals and researching health hazards.

Explore all programs and research:

Featured Events

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November 21

Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology Symposium

Save the date for the CEET Symposium

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