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Sound science plays a critical role in the the development of good pubic policy. We built the tool below to curate resources and help policy makers and community organizations connect with researchers and the latest environmental health science.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, include environmental health data, resources and programs of interest.

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PRCCEH Program

Pilot Project Funding

Funding for researchers and nonprofit organizations for innovative children’s environmental health research and implementing that research in the community.

PRCCEH Program

Hazard Assessments for Asbestos in Schools

Assessments of schools for asbestos hazards, health risks and education.

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Sign up for Ready Philadelphia Alerts

To receive text alerts to your phone on emergencies or severe weather, simply text ReadyPhila to 888-777.

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PRCCEH Program

Webinars for Childcare Providers

Videos specifically for childcare centers and schools on environmental health topics.

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Philadelphia Neighborhood Heat Vulnerability Index

Explore this index to view at risk areas in Philadelphia and available community resources.

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Utility Assistance Resource Guide

Make sure your heating and cooling systems are in good condition before extreme weather events occur. Use this guide to find programs that may be…

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Basement Backup Protection Program

Providing free plumbing upgrades to homeowners who experience water backing up through basement fixtures during wet weather.

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Brochure on Beating the Heat in Philadelphia

This brochure includes information on signs of heat related illness and ways to stay cool in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia’s Climate Action Playbook

Click to view Philadelphia’s plan to prepare our city for hotter, wetter extreme weather events.

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Staying Safe During Extreme Heat Events in Philadelphia

Visit Philadelphia’s Extreme Heat Guide to view the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses and ways to stay safe.

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Plant a Free Tree in Your Neighborhood

Request a free tree by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society! They will remove sidewalk if needed.

City rowhomes.
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Delaware County: Get the Lead Out of your Home

Children First created several resources with information on free programs operating in Delaware County that will help families get the lead out of their homes and apartments.

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Greening Your Neighborhood Grant

If you are a nonprofit consider this grant program to implement, maintain, and share knowledge about green storm water infrastructure.

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2023 Free Yard Tree Giveaways

Attend one of these community events to receive a free tree for your front or back yard!

Infant laying on parent
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Lead Free Promise Project

Provides local PA legislators and policy makers data around childhood lead poisoning with examples of policy initiatives to reduce lead poisoning.

Children and parents playing with blocks and toys at school or daycare.
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HEPA filters for Philly Schools and Early Childhood Education Centers

A new program of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health will provide air purifiers to local schools and early childhood education center at no cost.

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EPA’s Climate Change and Children’s Health 2023 Report

Children are uniquely vulnerable to climate change and its impacts on health. Read this report to find out more on the topic.

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Built to Last

Built to Last includes critical home repairs, health and safety improvements, and energy efficiency and rooftop solar to lower utility costs. Clients must qualify under eligibility criteria.

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Free Tools to Manage Stormwater

Are you interested in replacing an empty front yard with a garden? Need to fix a cracked rear patio? Trying to save water to use…

Faucet leaking water.
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Check Your Pipes for Lead

Find out if you have a lead service line in your home by following the steps outlined in this video!

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Beat the Heat Hunting Park

Learn about all the work done by the Beat the Heat team in Hunting Park and find resources to start your own campaign to reduce…

Assortment of personal care produce bottles.
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What Chemicals are in your Personal Care Products?

Search EWG’s recommendations of non-toxic personal care products and discover if your favorite items have toxic chemicals.

Child drinking water from the kitchen sink.
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What’s in Your Your Tap Water?

EWG created a database on tap water quality where you can search your zip code and see the common contaminants in your tap water system.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
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How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

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