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When you’re concerned about the health and safety of your child, you want to have information in one place to find the answers to your questions. This page serves as a gateway to assist families and caregivers with finding the answers to their environmental health concerns.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, are targeted to Philadelphia regional parents and caregivers, including those in rural and suburban areas. They include tools to identify environmental health issues, prevent and remediate contaminants and provide information to families on what to do to protect your children.

Mother giving a child an inhaler.
PRCCEH Program

Chester Community Asthma Prevention Program

The CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in Chester, PA.

PRCCEH Program

Academy for Environmental Exposure Reduction

High school short-course on endocrine disrupting chemicals and researching health hazards.

PRCCEH Program

Hazard Assessments for Asbestos in Schools

Assessments of schools for asbestos hazards, health risks and education.

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Sign up for Ready Philadelphia Alerts

To receive text alerts to your phone on emergencies or severe weather, simply text ReadyPhila to 888-777.

Tired child being observed by two doctors.
PRCCEH Program

Regional Consultations on Environmental Health

Consultations for clinicians caring for patients with lead poisoning and environmental health issues

Doctor using stethoscope while mother holds child.
PRCCEH Program

Prescriptions for Prevention Program

This program screens patients for environmental risks and automatically provides them and their healthcare providers with printed counseling materials.

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EPA’s Guide to Air Purifiers at Home

The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air….

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Build an At-Home Air Filter

Click the link to explore how to create an inexpensive and effective DIY air filter for your home or classroom!

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Summer in the City Activity Book

Print this activity book for a fun way to keep your kids busy while educating them on staying safe in extreme heat!

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Utility Assistance Resource Guide

Make sure your heating and cooling systems are in good condition before extreme weather events occur. Use this guide to find programs that may be…

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Basement Backup Protection Program

Providing free plumbing upgrades to homeowners who experience water backing up through basement fixtures during wet weather.

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Brochure on Beating the Heat in Philadelphia

This brochure includes information on signs of heat related illness and ways to stay cool in Philadelphia.

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Staying Safe During Extreme Heat Events in Philadelphia

Visit Philadelphia’s Extreme Heat Guide to view the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses and ways to stay safe.

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What to Do in Severe Weather: Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management created a Philadelphia specific guide on what to do in the case of a flood, thunderstorm and tornado in our…

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Heater Hotline Repair

Income eligible households are able to receive free emergency repairs to their heater.

Baby and mother meeting doctor.
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Philadelphia Community Asthma Prevention Program

The Philly CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in the city of Philadelphia.

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Plant a Free Tree in Your Neighborhood

Request a free tree by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society! They will remove sidewalk if needed.

Free Lead Hazard Control Program 2
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Free Lead Remediation Program for Delaware County

The Lead Hazard Control Program is designed to remove lead-based paint hazards from the homes of low-income families with children under the age of 6.

Clean water being poured in a glass.
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Free Philadelphia Water Quality Testing

If you are concerned about lead in your water, the Philadelphia Water Department will conduct free water quality tests.

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Home Emergency Kit Checklist

In case of an emergency, use this checklist to help prepare your Go-Bag.

City rowhomes.
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Delaware County: Get the Lead Out of your Home

Children First created several resources with information on free programs operating in Delaware County that will help families get the lead out of their homes and apartments.

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Family Emergency Plan

Fill out this plan to have information ready at your fingertips in case of an emergency in your area.

Child using inhaler after playing tennis.
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Back to School Checklist for Families of Children with Asthma

A comprehensive list on managing your child’s asthma in the school setting.

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Prepare a Go Bag for Evacuation

View our infographic on what to pack in a Go-Bag in case of an emergency (Can be a weather emergency or other emergencies)

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