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Science curricula and teacher training often fails to address environmental health topics. Students and teachers can use this page to find environmental health science lessons, and resources for in and out of the classroom.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, are targeted to teachers and/or students. They include environmental health curricula for teachers, programs for students and other resources of interest.

PRCCEH Program

Academy for Environmental Exposure Reduction

High school short-course on endocrine disrupting chemicals and researching health hazards.

PRCCEH Program

Hazard Assessments for Asbestos in Schools

Assessments of schools for asbestos hazards, health risks and education.

Teachers in a classroom for training
PRCCEH Program

Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Environmental Health Curriculum

Teacher training to develop curriculum on environmental health topics.

Toddler playing with toys at a daycare center.
PRCCEH Program

Webinars for Childcare Providers

Videos specifically for childcare centers and schools on environmental health topics.

City rowhomes.
External Resource

Delaware County: Get the Lead Out of your Home

Children First created several resources with information on free programs operating in Delaware County that will help families get the lead out of their homes and apartments.

External Resource

EPA’s Guide to Air Purifiers at Home

The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air….

Vial with blood sitting on research paperwork.
External Resource

Free Blood Lead Testing for Philadelphia Children

Your child should be tested for lead at their 1 and 2 year old well child visit. Older children should be tested if you are concerned about a lead exposure.

External Resource

Living Safely with Lead Guide

An easy to read and share guide to lead, including where lead is typically found and the common risks.

Child using inhaler after playing tennis.
External Resource

Back to School Checklist for Families of Children with Asthma

A comprehensive list on managing your child’s asthma in the school setting.

Children and parents playing with blocks and toys at school or daycare.
External Resource

HEPA filters for Philly Schools and Early Childhood Education Centers

A new program of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health will provide air purifiers to local schools and early childhood education center at no cost.

Three babies playing in daycare.
External Resource

Pennsylvania Childcare Radon Testing Program

Test kits are offered by the Pennsylvania Childcare Radon Testing Program in an effort to raise public awareness of radon as an easily preventable health hazard.

Faucet leaking water.
External Resource

Check Your Pipes for Lead

Find out if you have a lead service line in your home by following the steps outlined in this video!

External Resource

Report Mold Growth in Philadelphia

If you are a tenant and see mold growth in your home, you can report this to the city by calling 311.

Baby playing with truck in the mud.
External Resource

Free Lead Testing for your Soil

Work with the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology to test the amount of lead in your soil for free.

Group of kids playing in a park.
External Resource

PFT Healthy Schools Tracker

Mobile App allows users to identify and report specific problems with building conditions in Philadelphia schools.

Cockroach crawling on kitchen counter next to microwave.
External Resource

Safer Pest Management

Beyond Pesticides provides information on the least toxic ways to deal with pests.

External Resource

City of Lancaster’s Free Lead Hazard Control Program

Lead Remediation targeted to low- to moderate-income households in four census tracts south of King Street.

External Resource

Build an At-Home Air Filter

Click the link to explore how to create an inexpensive and effective DIY air filter for your home or classroom!

Child playing baseball with man.
External Resource

Children and Outdoor Pollution

Help improve children’s overall health by talking to them about air quality and limiting their outdoor activities on Code Orange and Red air quality days.

Assortment of personal care produce bottles.
External Resource

What Chemicals are in your Personal Care Products?

Search EWG’s recommendations of non-toxic personal care products and discover if your favorite items have toxic chemicals.

Child drinking water from the kitchen sink.
External Resource

What’s in Your Your Tap Water?

EWG created a database on tap water quality where you can search your zip code and see the common contaminants in your tap water system.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
External Resource

How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

Mother playing with child in a living room.
External Resource

How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Health Video

Video to see how indoor air quality impacts health and view recommendations on maintaining good air quality at home.

Peeling paint in ceiling.
External Resource

Identifying and Remediating Lead in your Home

Click on your county to find local resources to identify and remediate lead in your home.

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