Focus Areas

Climate Change

Children are one of the most vulnerable populations to the impacts of a warming, volatile climate.
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Mother giving daughter inhaler.


Watching a child struggle to breathe is one of the most heart-breaking experiences. Unfortunately, too many Philadelphia families, teachers and doctors have to endure this pain due to the debilitating effects of childhood asthma.
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A look at the city Philadelphia skyline and the roofs of houses.

Air Pollution

​​Air pollution includes the particles, dust, chemicals and other contaminants that get in the air we breathe and into our lungs. It is hazardous to everyone, but especially children.
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Pregnant woman looking at label of baby food in a grocery store aisle.

Toxic Chemicals – EDCs

Discover the most common endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and learn tips to reduce your children's exposure.
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Pipe with valve.


Lead exposure is one of the biggest childhood environmental health issues. Lead is toxic to children’s brain development and no safe threshold for lead has been identified.
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