Indoor Air Quality Study Completion in Philadelphia Childcare Facilities

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Women for a Healthy Environment recently announced their report following an EPA-sponsored indoor air quality study of Philadelphia childcare facilities.

The pilot project investigates the efficacy of Medifyair Air Filters in reducing PM2.5 concentrations in eight childcare centers in four Environmental Justice areas in Philadelphia. Analyzing data collected over a two-week period, the study reveals a decrease in PM 2.5 levels, averaging from 6.04 μg/m3 to 1.02 μg/m3, demonstrating the effectiveness of the air filters. Concurrently, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improved, with an average IAQ drop from 23.79 to 4.13 μg/m3. Variability among participants highlights the need for tailored interventions regarding family and center-based facilities.

The Executive Summary and Full Report can be viewed here.

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