Temple College of Public Health celebrates our newest member

Baby and mother meeting doctor.

Marina Oktapodas Feiler’s research focuses on environmental hazards that can harm children’s health, particularly pre- and postnatal exposure to lead and chemicals in everyday items and the environment that can disrupt a developing immune system.

Marina Oktapodas Feiler
Marina Oktapodas Feiler

“Exposures like these in early life can result in immune dysfunction, increasing children’s risk of asthma and infection,” she says. Many children in Philadelphia, the nation’s poorest large city, routinely face these and other environmental risks, including air pollution, lead, and asbestos in old buildings.

Now Feiler, research assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the Temple University College of Public Health, will take her specialty to the Philadelphia Regional Center for Children’s Environmental Health (us!), a new multidisciplinary alliance that unites experts from across the region in an effort to reduce harmful childhood environmental exposures.

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