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The National Center for Healthy Housing and the Children’s Environmental Health Network want to hear from you. Have you and your family or someone you know been affected by unhealthy housing conditions?

By sharing your story, you help spread awareness and education of children’s environmental health issues. You highlight the crucial link between environmental risk factors in the home and children’s health in the minds of others, and help to put a face to these concerns. While we are particularly interested in stories that affect children, we also value and recognize the importance of stories from all age groups that shed light on various environmental health challenges. Your contributions have the potential to ignite positive change and foster a healthier future for everyone.

Sharing your experiences to others nurtures empathy and understanding in those who may not know what it is like to carry the burden of a health or developmental condition. A video or voice testimonial is important because it allows people to see and hear REAL people being affected.

Send us your stories of how your children, you, your family, or people you know or work with have been affected by lead, asthma triggers, pests, mold, carbon monoxide, radon, and other causes of injury and illness in a short story, voice interview, video, or blog post format.

Submit Your Story Here

We invite you to share your valuable stories and experiences with us by filling out our Google form. Your voice matters, and your insights can make a meaningful impact. We understand the importance of privacy, and if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to use a fake name and photo that doesn’t reveal your identity. However, we kindly request that in addition to completing the Google Form, you also complete the media release form, as this will allow us to feature your submission on our website.

Your participation will not only enrich our community but also help others find strength and support through shared experiences. Thank you for being a part of this empowering journey together.

Submit your story using this Google form

For help getting started, we’ve included additional tips on this webpage with information including:

  • How to Tell Your Story
  • Instructions for Submission
  • Submission Questions
  • Tips for Conducting Voice/Video Interviews
  • Disclaimer

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