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Science curricula and teacher training often fails to address environmental health topics. Students and teachers can use this page to find environmental health science lessons, and resources for in and out of the classroom.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, are targeted to teachers and/or students. They include environmental health curricula for teachers, programs for students and other resources of interest.

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Map of Sewers Contaminating Philadelphia Waterways

When it rains, raw sewage from homes flows into Philadelphia waterways. Use this map to find out when and where it’s happening.

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Hazardous Waste Sites Near You

Use the map linked on the webpage to identify current and past hazardous waste cleanup sites in your community.

Cockroach crawling on kitchen counter next to microwave.
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Less Toxic Methods to Control Pests

This fact sheet contains information on effective pest control methods without adding toxins to your home.

Cleaning supply bottles and the ingredients needed to do-it-yourself cleaning fluid.
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EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning

The Environmental Working Group database lists the least toxic cleaning products to use at home.

Smoke stacks at factory emitting pollution.
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Air Quality Alerts

Sign up for air quality alerts, so you’ll know when to keep children and vulnerable adults inside.

Second hand smoke is dangerous.
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Free Smoke Detector Installation for Philadelphia Residents

Philadelphia residents can request a free smoke detector installed by the Fire Department. You can call 311 or visit this website.

Doctors, researchers and community members meeting together.
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Training and Career Development from the Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology

The CEET has established a pipe-line into careers in the environmental health sciences that spans high-school students to advanced career training.

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Water Pollution Curriculum for 3rd-6th Grade Science and English Language Arts Class

Unit will help middle school students gain a deeper understanding of their connection to the land defined as the urban watershed and the system defined as the urban water use cycle.

Soil collected in a lab undergoing tests.
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Lead Curriculum for a HS Chemistry Class

This curriculum on Lead is designed for a high school chemistry class. Christobal Carambo developed this program while attending the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia.

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Climate Change and Human Health Lesson Plans

Explore NIEHS curricula on climate change and human health for 9-12th graders and undergraduates

Pipe with valve.
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Lead Curriculum for a HS Statistics Class

This curriculum on Lead is designed for a high school statistics class.

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Water Pollution Curriculum for 3-5th Grade Students

This unit on environmental health was designed for elementary students grades three through five.

Testing for heavy metals and chemicals in blood.
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Lead Curriculum for a HS Government Class

This curriculum on Lead is designed for a high school government class.

Storm over a field with light coming through a single cloud.
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Water Cycle and Water Quality Curriculum for 4th Grade Students

Curriculum for 4th grade students explores the story of water, from the oceans, to the clouds, to the rivers, and to the faucets of our students.

Clean water being poured in a glass.
External Resource

Water Pollution Curriculum for Elementary Students

This unit helps students understand, analyze, think critically, model, and research to gain a better understanding of how the water cycle, watershed, and water filtration are connected.

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