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Sound science plays a critical role in the the development of good pubic policy. We built the tool below to curate resources and help policy makers and community organizations connect with researchers and the latest environmental health science.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, include environmental health data, resources and programs of interest.

Assortment of personal care produce bottles.
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What Chemicals are in your Personal Care Products?

Search EWG’s recommendations of non-toxic personal care products and discover if your favorite items have toxic chemicals.

Child drinking water from the kitchen sink.
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What’s in Your Your Tap Water?

EWG created a database on tap water quality where you can search your zip code and see the common contaminants in your tap water system.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
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How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

Peeling paint in ceiling.
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Identifying and Remediating Lead in your Home

Click on your county to find local resources to identify and remediate lead in your home.

CSOCast screengrab
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Map of Sewers Contaminating Philadelphia Waterways

When it rains, raw sewage from homes flows into Philadelphia waterways. Use this map to find out when and where it’s happening.

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Hazardous Waste Sites Near You

Use the map linked on the webpage to identify current and past hazardous waste cleanup sites in your community.

Smoke stacks at factory emitting pollution.
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Air Quality Alerts

Sign up for air quality alerts, so you’ll know when to keep children and vulnerable adults inside.

Pipe with valve.
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Emergency Leak Repair Resource

Basic Systems Repair Program provides free repairs to correct electrical, plumbing, heating, limited structural and carpentry, and roofing emergencies in eligible owner-occupied homes in Philly.

Rodent on kitchen sink with leftover food. Rodents can be asthma triggers.
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Report Rats in Philadelphia

Report rats in and around your residence to the City Department of Public Health and get free pest control resources by calling (215) 685-9000.

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