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When you’re concerned about the health and safety of your child, you want to have information in one place to find the answers to your questions. This page serves as a gateway to assist families and caregivers with finding the answers to their environmental health concerns.

The resources below, some of which are from our Center and others from our partners, are targeted to Philadelphia regional parents and caregivers, including those in rural and suburban areas. They include tools to identify environmental health issues, prevent and remediate contaminants and provide information to families on what to do to protect your children.

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Prepare a Go Bag for Evacuation

View our infographic on what to pack in a Go-Bag in case of an emergency (Can be a weather emergency or other emergencies)

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2023 Free Yard Tree Giveaways

Attend one of these community events to receive a free tree for your front or back yard!

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Toolkit for Parents of Children Who Test Positive for Lead

Find county specific resources in PA on steps to take if you have a child who tests positive for lead.

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Built to Last

Built to Last includes critical home repairs, health and safety improvements, and energy efficiency and rooftop solar to lower utility costs. Clients must qualify under eligibility criteria.

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Free Tools to Manage Stormwater

Are you interested in replacing an empty front yard with a garden? Need to fix a cracked rear patio? Trying to save water to use…

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Check Your Pipes for Lead

Find out if you have a lead service line in your home by following the steps outlined in this video!

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Report Mold Growth in Philadelphia

If you are a tenant and see mold growth in your home, you can report this to the city by calling 311.

Baby playing with truck in the mud.
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Free Lead Testing for your Soil

Work with the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology to test the amount of lead in your soil for free.

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What to Do in a Flood

Visit the City of Philadelphia’s webpage on what to do in case a flood hits your area.

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Free Peco Energy Check Up

Receive free energy saving items and a house energy check up for income eligible households.

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PFT Healthy Schools Tracker

Mobile App allows users to identify and report specific problems with building conditions in Philadelphia schools.

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Safer Pest Management

Beyond Pesticides provides information on the least toxic ways to deal with pests.

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Find Spraygrounds and Rec Centers in Philadelphia

Search among the many facilities offered by Parks and Rec in Philadelphia to make sure you and your family stay cool during extreme heat events!

Child playing blocks with woman on carpet in bedroom.
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Protect Your Child from Toxic Chemicals in Furniture & Carpets

Fact sheet on reducing chemical exposure from carpets and furniture in your home.

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City of Lancaster’s Free Lead Hazard Control Program

Lead Remediation targeted to low- to moderate-income households in four census tracts south of King Street.

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Build an At-Home Air Filter

Click the link to explore how to create an inexpensive and effective DIY air filter for your home or classroom!

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Children and Outdoor Pollution

Help improve children’s overall health by talking to them about air quality and limiting their outdoor activities on Code Orange and Red air quality days.

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How Toxic Chemicals Impact Health

Fact sheet on how toxic chemicals can impact you and your family’s health.

Assortment of personal care produce bottles.
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What Chemicals are in your Personal Care Products?

Search EWG’s recommendations of non-toxic personal care products and discover if your favorite items have toxic chemicals.

Child drinking water from the kitchen sink.
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What’s in Your Your Tap Water?

EWG created a database on tap water quality where you can search your zip code and see the common contaminants in your tap water system.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
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How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

Cleaning supply bottles and the ingredients needed to do-it-yourself cleaning fluid.
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Design for the Environment Disinfectant Label

The Design for the Environment (DfE) label helps consumers and purchasers find safer antimicrobial products, like disinfectants and cleaners.

Mother playing with child in a living room.
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How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Health Video

Video to see how indoor air quality impacts health and view recommendations on maintaining good air quality at home.

Fruits and vegetables dunked in water.
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What Chemicals are in Your Food?

EWG’s Food Score database tells you what chemicals are in the food products and provides a list of health concerns associated with each chemical if there are any.

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