Testing for heavy metals and chemicals in blood.

Lead Curriculum for a HS Government Class

This curriculum on Lead is designed for a high school government class. Alexander de Arana developed this program while attending the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia. Mr. Arana has creatively weaved the lead content to enliven the teaching concepts required at the students’ grade level. The goal for this curriculum is not only for students to learn the material but to also engage others in what they have learned. The materials should be tailored to the locality in which they are used in order to enhance their relevance.

Teachers in a classroom for training
PRCCEH Program

Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Environmental Health Curriculum

Teacher training to develop curriculum on environmental health topics.

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Tired child being observed by two doctors.
PRCCEH Program

Regional Consultations on Environmental Health

Consultations for clinicians caring for patients with lead poisoning and environmental health issues

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Toddler playing in a sandbox.
PRCCEH Program

Pilot Project Funding

Funding for researchers and nonprofit organizations for innovative children's environmental health research and implementing that research in the community.

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