Cleaning supply bottles and the ingredients needed to do-it-yourself cleaning fluid.

Design for the Environment Disinfectant Label

The Design for the Environment (DfE) label helps consumers and purchasers find safer antimicrobial products, like disinfectants and cleaners. Safer active ingredients include hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, L-lactic acid or ethanol.

Mother giving a child an inhaler.
PRCCEH Program

Chester Community Asthma Prevention Program

The CAPP program provides direct intervention for families to reduce childhood asthma in Chester, PA.

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Toddler playing in a sandbox.
PRCCEH Program

Pilot Project Funding

Funding for researchers and nonprofit organizations for innovative children's environmental health research and implementing that research in the community.

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Teachers in a classroom for training
PRCCEH Program

Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Environmental Health Curriculum

Teacher training to develop curriculum on environmental health topics.

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