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PRCCEH Program

Hazard Assessments for Asbestos in Schools

Assessments of schools for asbestos hazards, health risks and education.

Teachers in a classroom for training
PRCCEH Program

Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Environmental Health Curriculum

Teacher training to develop curriculum on environmental health topics.

Tired child being observed by two doctors.
PRCCEH Program

Regional Consultations on Environmental Health

Consultations for clinicians caring for patients with lead poisoning and environmental health issues

Toddler playing in a sandbox.
PRCCEH Program

Pilot Project Funding

Funding for researchers and nonprofit organizations for innovative children’s environmental health research and implementing that research in the community.

Toddler playing with toys at a daycare center.
PRCCEH Program

Webinars for Childcare Providers

Videos specifically for childcare centers and schools on environmental health topics.

Doctor using stethoscope while mother holds child.
PRCCEH Program

Prescriptions for Prevention Program

This program screens patients for environmental risks and automatically provides them and their healthcare providers with printed counseling materials.

Mother feeding with spoon her little baby at home.
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Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit (PEHT)

This toolkit is for clinicians to be able to provide simple, evidenced-based steps to families on how to reduce toxic exposures in their daily lives.

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EPA’s Guide to Air Purifiers at Home

The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air….

Children and parents playing with blocks and toys at school or daycare.
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HEPA filters for Philly Schools and Early Childhood Education Centers

A new program of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health will provide air purifiers to local schools and early childhood education center at no cost.

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Built to Last

Built to Last includes critical home repairs, health and safety improvements, and energy efficiency and rooftop solar to lower utility costs. Clients must qualify under eligibility criteria.

Three babies playing in daycare.
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Pennsylvania Childcare Radon Testing Program

Test kits are offered by the Pennsylvania Childcare Radon Testing Program in an effort to raise public awareness of radon as an easily preventable health hazard.

Group of kids playing in a park.
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PFT Healthy Schools Tracker

Mobile App allows users to identify and report specific problems with building conditions in Philadelphia schools.

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Build an At-Home Air Filter

Click the link to explore how to create an inexpensive and effective DIY air filter for your home or classroom!

Child playing baseball with man.
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Children and Outdoor Pollution

Help improve children’s overall health by talking to them about air quality and limiting their outdoor activities on Code Orange and Red air quality days.

Houses and factories next to a highway.
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How Healthy is your Community’s Air?

Enter your zip code to see how the air quality in your neighborhood ranks with the rest of the country.

Mother playing with child in a living room.
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How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Health Video

Video to see how indoor air quality impacts health and view recommendations on maintaining good air quality at home.

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Pennsylvania Health Action Network

In need of health insurance for you or your child? PHAN’s free helpline provides assistance in understanding, applying for and enrolling in health coverage.

Researcher with beakers.
PRCCEH Program

Workshops and Continuing Education for Researchers

To enhance basic research skills that pertain to children’s environmental health, we will strongly encourage early-stage investigators and researchers to enroll in workshops and continuing education courses.

Two kids blowing bubbles.
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Air Fresheners Low in Volatile Organic Compounds

Air Fresheners can be sources of toxic chemicals in your home. Use this database to identify the least toxic air fresheners you can use to keep your home asthma and allergy friendly!

Cleaning supply bottles and the ingredients needed to do-it-yourself cleaning fluid.
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Volatile Organic Compounds in your Home

Where can volatile organic chemicals be found in your home? Find out where they are and how to lower your family’s exposure.

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Hazardous Waste Sites Near You

Use the map linked on the webpage to identify current and past hazardous waste cleanup sites in your community.

Cigarette and smoke.
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Quit Smoking

For free counseling on quitting smoking and/or medication to help quit, call 1-800- QUITNOW or visit this website.

Smoke stacks at factory emitting pollution.
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Air Quality Alerts

Sign up for air quality alerts, so you’ll know when to keep children and vulnerable adults inside.

Second hand smoke is dangerous.
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Free Smoke Detector Installation for Philadelphia Residents

Philadelphia residents can request a free smoke detector installed by the Fire Department. You can call 311 or visit this website.

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