Sharon McGrath-Morrow, MBA, MD

Professor | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania

Sharon McGrath-Morrow is the Associate Division Chief in Pulmonary and Sleep at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Co-Principal Investigator for the Pulmonary division T32 and co-lead of the Rare Lung Diseases Frontier program.

She is a physician scientist studying the effects of neonatal lung injuries and infections on lung immune responses, alveolar growth and adult pulmonary outcomes.

Her research centers around the impact of early life events including infection, hyperoxia, exposure to tobacco smoke and disruption of growth pathways on postnatal lung development.

Her clinical research has focused on preterm children with chronic lung disease and examining the role of gender, age, and environmental factors as modifiers of respiratory outcomes after discharge from the NICU.


Webinar Hosted by Dr. McGrath-Morrow on March 23, 2023:

Focus Areas

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