Noah Buncher, DO

Pediatrician | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Noah Buncher is a general pediatrician with the Department of Primary care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, South Philadelphia Clinic. He is the former medical director of the Lead Clinic at Boston Medical Center and former pediatric environmental health specialist at the Region 1 New England Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit.

Dr. Buncher’s research focuses on developing novel tools and evidence-based strategies for the early detection and prevention of childhood lead poisoning. By leveraging the technology of telemedicine, his current work aims to create effective and sustainable primary lead exposure prevention interventions for high-risk children and families by performing remote lead inspections of the home and connecting families to appropriate community resources. His past research includes work on validating non-invasive ways of lead biomonitoring, such as through employing XRF technology to analyze toenail clippings. He has also conducted Quality Improvement studies aimed at improving pediatrician’s adherence to clinical lead guidelines.

Focus Areas

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