Jasmin Velez

| Kensington Corridor Trust

Jasmin Velez is a dedicated community organizer and advocate with a strong focus on fostering equitable neighborhood development and environmental stewardship. With over a decade of experience in community engagement and project management, Jasmin has built her career around uplifting communities and driving impactful change. In her work, she leads initiatives aimed at expanding community involvement in educational programs and campaigns related to voting, youth initiatives, and civic engagement. Jasmin has a keen interest in engaging with community members and collecting their stories to shape dynamic visions for local areas. Her skill set includes proficiently organizing sessions, facilitating resource accessibility, and creating effective outreach materials. Throughout her diverse roles, Jasmin has spearheaded community-centered projects, spanning areas such as environmental education, urban greening, and beautification. Proficient in event management, project coordination, data analysis, and communication, Jasmin Velez continues to drive positive community transformation, leaving a lasting imprint on equitable neighborhood development and engagement.

Focus Areas

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