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Who is it for?

  • Undergraduate college students and teachers from throughout the Philadelphia region.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, call 215-573-9076 or email

Short Term Educational Experiences for Research in Environmental Science (STEER)

The Short Term Educational Experiences for Research in Environmental Science (STEER) is an NIEHS funded program of course work, field experience and mentorship for K-12 science teachers. Through seminars, research and one-on-one mentors, undergraduate college students and teachers can expand their knowledge and curriculum capacity in children’s environmental health.

During the 10-week summer program, teachers use the knowledge gained to design science curriculum. We will facilitate the application process for teachers interested in children’s environmental health.

How do I participate?

The STEER program is tailored to each individual teacher. To get started and find out if the program is right for you, complete the form below by 4/1/2023:

Which program are you interested in applying for?(Required)


May 30th through August 4, 2023. The course is tailored to each teacher and the schedule can vary.

Application deadline: 4/1/2023

Center Researchers

Dr. Marilyn Howarth
University of Pennsylvania

Marilyn V. Howarth, MD, FACOEM

Marilyn Howarth is the Deputy Director of the Philadelphia Regional Center for Children’s Environmental Health. Within the Center,…

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Dr. Jeffrey Field
University of Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Field, PhD

Jeffrey Field is a Professor of Pharmacology and member of the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology at…

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